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How to vote for Brandon

New York’s 2021 Democratic Primary is Tuesday, June 22. Voting in the June 22 primary is one of the best ways to make sure your voice is heard in this year’s City Council election!

Voting in NYC is easier than ever this year. New York City voters have three options:

  1. you can vote in person during the early voting period from June 12 to June 20
  2. you can fill out an absentee ballot and submit it no later than Election Day
  3. you can vote in person on Election Day on June 22.

This is also the first year that NYC is using Ranked-Choice Voting (RCV), a system designed to make elections more democratic and take into consideration the preferences of all voters. (See info below.)

Here are the answers to a few common questions about voting in this year’s citywide elections:

When and how do I vote?

There are three ways to vote in the Democratic Primary this year:

  1. Voting on Election Day, June 22!
  2. Voting early, June 12 - June 20!
  3. Voting absentee, no later than Election Day, June 22!

Voting on Election Day

Voting on Election Day is as simple as showing up and filling out your ballot! To find your polling place, simply enter your address here. Polls open at 6 a.m. and close at 9 p.m. While we suggest getting to the polls as early as you can, remember that if you get in line before 9 p.m., you have the right to cast your ballot!

Voting early

If you wish to cast your ballot before Election Day, you may vote early between June 12 and June 20. Early voting is in-person, but your Early Voting polling place may be different from your Election Day polling place.

You can find your Early Voting polling place here, and click here to see the times during which the polls are open. Early Voting is a great choice if you know you’ll be busy on Election Day, want to avoid long lines or just can’t wait to vote for Brandon!

Voting by absentee ballot

You may apply for an absentee ballot online, or you can download an application here and mail it to the Kings County Board of Elections Office. If you apply online or by mail, you must submit or postmark your application no later than June 15.

You can also apply for one in person at the Kings County Board of Elections Office, located at 345 Adams Street, 4th Floor. You have until June 21 to apply for an absentee ballot in person, meaning that you go to the BOE, ask for your absentee ballot, and can fill it out right there. Essentially, it’s like another way to vote early, if you wish to do so.

Absentee ballots are primarily for New Yorkers who are out of the City or will be away for Election Day — but there are other valid reasons to choose absentee voting. If you wish to vote absentee due to the COVID-19 pandemic and associated risks, check the box titled “Temporary Illness” as your reason for voting absentee.

You must either postmark your absentee ballot or drop it off at your local board of elections no later than Election Day, June 22. Remember both your ballot, and the back of the envelope, or your ballot will be invalidated!

Am I eligible to vote?

You are eligible to vote in the Democratic Primary if you are at least 18 years old, a US citizen, and have registered as a Democrat by May 28, 2021. In New York State, felons have the right to vote! You can check here to confirm that you’re registered to vote.

How does Ranked-Choice Voting work?

Your ballot will feature the name of every candidate and give you the option to rank each one as your first, second, third, fourth or fifth choice. You can rank your top five choices, rank Brandon first and leave the rest blank, or anything in between.

Ranked-choice voting shouldn’t feel scary because you rank things all the time — maybe to say which ice cream you prefer, the most valuable points of information in a work presentation, etc. For ranked-choice voting, it’s best to vote for the candidate you think is the best, the person who will work the hardest for working people. Then you can rank your next-best choices.

New York Voting Schedule

  • Deadline to register as a Democrat to vote in the Democratic Primary: May 28
  • Deadline for requesting an absentee ballot online, emailed or faxed: June 15
  • Deadline for requesting an absentee ballot in person: June 21
  • Early voting period (in person): June 12 - June 20
  • Election Day: June 22