Strong accessible public transit is the great equalizer and the economic engine of our City, but the neglect and lack of investment at the state and local level has put our system in jeopardy.

We all rely on our public transit system, but for far too many the system does not meet our needs. The City must take back control of our public transit system and make sure that it works for all of us.

  • Stop the BQX, which will only hurt the district and increase inefficiencies. Instead, let’s build more bus routes that can serve our communities sooner.
  • Build more protected bike lanes and work to end the danger that bikers and pedestrians face in the streets.
  • Require that state transportation officials take our communities seriously, and answer real questions when they come to give testimony at Council hearings. No longer can they skip out of community meetings, and give hollow testimony without any real answers.
  • Consider ways to take control of the Subway and buses in order to have a fair and efficient system.