Strengthening our Democracy

For too long monied interests have bent our city to their will and political machines have run rampant, turning it into a transactional oligarchy.

Only when working class people have more direct control and power over their lives and democracy, will we see a truly representative society.

  • We need an expansive Charter Revision process which should include directly elected community boards, so they don’t continue to bend towards the needs of developers.
  • I support the implementation of the campaign finance system of Democracy Dollars, modeled after what was done in Seattle, where every potential voter has a voucher they can offer to candidates and puts the power more directly in everyone’s hands.
  • I will advocate forcefully for a reformed Board of Election, and encourage the inclusion of more funds in the budget to modernize it and meet the needs of forgotten communities, chiefly more funding for translators in additional languages.
  • I will build on the success of Participatory Budgeting, with a keen eye to the communities that are more disadvantaged, so that neighborhoods can build power in learning how to better navigate government and support projects that will impact their lives.
  • I will hold monthly neighborhood assemblies, modeled after movements from the past, that will be in different parts of the district, to bring people together and focus on the needs of the community to develop the civic energy of the District.