Housing and Development

Housing is a human right. Developers and big real estate are a huge and constant threat to that right, and to our community. As long as housing is a commodity in our city, we will struggle to provide it for all people.

As the housing affordability crisis continues to worsen, I am committed to using all of the tools that the City Council has available to keep renters in their homes and to increase affordable housing for all.

  • I will fight to require good cause for eviction and combat gentrification by keeping people in their homes and decommodifying housing as much as possible.
  • Work to build more affordable housing that is actually affordable for the people in need. We also must fight to end the moratorium on building new public housing, and begin to build quality social housing once again.
  • Support the community of Gowanus in the face of the rezoning process which can leave them behind without their needs being truly met.
  • Fight to hold landlords accountable for maintaining a state of good repair.
  • I support the expansion of Community Land Trusts as a way to bring more collective ownership of housing.
  • Work with the Council to ensure that new administration continues efforts toward inter-agency coordination on housing issues (Mayor’s Office to Protect Tenants, Mayor’s Tenant Protection Unit, Office of the Tenant Advocate (DOB), Tenant Anti-Harassment Unit (HPD).
  • Work with City agencies to find ways to better monitor developers who break the law.
  • Work to make sure that we right the wrongs of the BQE, and build something that better serves the communities it weaves through.
  • Support the Homes Guarantee campaign.