Brandon's Agenda:

Housing Justice

Our city treats housing not as a human right, but as a money-making scheme for developers and landlords, and homelessness not as a form of oppression, but as a nuisance plaguing the rich. Brandon will fight to halt gentrification, improve NYCHA, and house all of our neighbors.

  • Reinvest in public housing. Commit to the $32 billion needed in meeting New York Housing Authority's (NYCHA) outstanding repairs following decades of disinvestment, and oppose all attempts to privatize NYCHA property.
  • End homelessness, permanently. Adopt a Housing First approach, immediately rehousing the 89,000 homeless New Yorkers in vacant housing with leases that ensure affordability and grant them rights and protections enjoyed by all tenants.
  • Rezone for the public good. Terminate rezonings that simply encourage gentrification and unlock windfall profits for developers and landlords. Ensure the rezoning process prioritizes the interests of those most in need. (Read more about Brandon's approach to housing, land use and the Gowanus Rezoning here.)
  • End Housing Racism. Require a Racial Impact Study as part of every rezoning application, and improve analysis of displacement for all development projects.

  • Nurture stable communities. Dramatically increase city funding for community land trusts, limited equity cooperatives, and mutual housing associations, and encourage the city to take eminent domain actions to create more non-market-based housing for low-income New Yorkers.
  • A home to come home to. Ensure dignified housing for all people coming home from New York City jails, including by expanding the Family Re-entry Program for formerly incarcerated people to live in public housing.