Brandon's Agenda:

Healthy New York

The COVID pandemic showed everyone what happens when you systematically divest from healthcare, decade after decade. Brandon will fight for quality healthcare for all, including mental and reproductive care, and compassionate addiction treatment/harm reduction.

  • Healthcare for all. Support NYC Care and Health+Hospitals to the fullest extent, as a stopgap program of increased services until we win Medicare for All. Work with state legislators to pass the NY Health Act as soon as possible. Work to bring to the district resources to deal with the health issues disproportionately affecting communities in need, like obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes.
  • Healthy births for all. Fund new initiatives aimed at reducing infant and maternal mortality, which have reached crisis levels in communities of color, by expanding prenatal and postpartum care.
  • Reproductive health for all. Provide access to reproductive health services like sex education, contraception, and abortion, on demand, at no dollar cost to the patient, for anyone seeking those services.
  • New York State of Mind. Provide free, quality, community-based mental health services, that are preventative and responsive to mental health crises, for all New Yorkers. Expand field-based mental health services, Crisis Respite Centers and Peer Support Housing.
  • Safety and care for drug users. Expand harm reduction programming by directing discretionary funding to community groups to support programs like syringe exchanges and providing Naloxone, and ensure the safety of front line workers.
  • Bridge the digital divide. For outpatient care, our city's healthcare services are rapidly adopting patient portals. We must ensure that a move toward health information technology doesn't entrench existing racist disparities in the healthcare system.