Our students deserve a school system that provides an excellent education for all students, no matter their background. We must work harder to ensure that our school system is integrated and equitable.

Our schools become more segregated and unequal by the day. In a city and district as great as this, this is not acceptable. Even in neighborhoods that are better resourced, we have schools that suffer and lack the support that they need. We need to address the problems at their root causes, and be bold in making change.

  • Make ending racial and economic school segregation a top priority, so that all students can flourish in school, regardless of their background.
  • Direct more funding to social workers in the school system and to smaller classroom sizes.
  • Disrupt the school to prison pipeline by ending zero-tolerance discipline policies and limiting the role of police in schools.
  • Bring restorative justice programs to schools so that students have more opportunities to get back on the right track.