Economic Inequality

Inequality is getting worse in the City day by day. This district is comprised of many different communities, and we must support bold ideas to address how inequality impacts each neighborhood.

How we address inequality is a crucial question for our society. I believe we cannot continue to only address the symptoms of economic inequality, and must take the roots of the problem head-on. City Council must take bolder steps to stop the growing inequalities in our communities.

  • The City must increase funding for enforcement of minimum wage laws and paid sick leave laws so that employers do not continue to exploit workers. We have greater protections, but we need more funding to make sure that businesses are complying with the law.
  • I will fight for more paid personal time for employees.
  • We must push for universal child care and additional funding for childcare for New Yorkers.
  • I will work to bring in funds for workforce development and adult education so that different communities can have better skills for opportunities throughout their life.