Climate Justice

We are facing a climate emergency, and our district will face the brunt of that reality. If the country won’t lead, we need to lead ourselves.

The climate emergency is real and at our doorstep. Our district is already facing the brunt of it–we can’t prepare for the future, we must prepare for now. Not only must we work to get to zero emissions, but we need to fight for justice for low income and communities of color who have been saddled with harm of the fossil fuel economy.

  • I support the effort in the state to greatly reduce greenhouse emissions economy-wide and push our state to carbon-free renewable electricity generation by 2040.
  • I believe that clean energy funding must be invested for the benefit of pollution-burdened low-income communities, and that the “justice” part of “climate justice” is still incorporated in new policies. While NYS law is vague on what these benefits will look like, the City should lead by example by allocating a set percentage of funds to go to frontline communities.
  • We must see that the City Council climate legislation from the 2019 session is monitored during its implementation, and make sure that landlords follow through on their commitments to retrofit buildings to cut emissions.
  • Gowanus and other low elevation neighborhoods already are impacted by climate change, I will prioritize focusing on protecting these communities and ensure that new development doesn’t exacerbate existing problems with the sewage and water drainage challenges that it already faces.