Brandon's Agenda:

Safety Beyond Policing

For decades, our city’s answer to every problem has been policing, surveillance, punishment, and incarceration – especially for Black New Yorkers, who are less safe than ever. Brandon knows that real public safety means supporting resilient communities, not violently controlling them.

  • Half the budget, half the police. Reduce the NYPD expense budget by at least $3B and uniformed headcount by 50 percent.
  • A just transition. Provide job training programs, counseling, support for accountability for harm done, orientation to new safety practices, and/or community support groups to former NYPD.

  • Police out of service work. Immediately remove police from our schools, mental health and drug use response, subways, homeless "outreach", public shelters and hospitals.
  • Respect New Yorkers' right to protest. The Strategic Response Group disgraced our city last summer by brutalizing nonviolent protesters for the whole world to see. We must eliminate the unit, whose officers are riddled with significant misconduct allegations, including a supervisor with 32 complaints.
  • Disband Vice. For decades, undercover police officers have exploited, endangered, and victimized sex workers. The Vice Enforcement Division is a hotbed of corruption and sexual abuse and must be disbanded without replacement.
  • Care, not cops. Expand, fully fund, and make universally accessible Mobile Crisis Teams to a level sufficient to enable them to replace the police as first-responders to calls involving mental health crises.
  • Release caged New Yorkers. Mass incarceration makes New York much less safe by inflicting traumatic violence on poor, mainly Black people, and ruining their economic futures. We must end cash bail, close Rikers, and halt the construction of new jails.
  • We keep us safe. Build relationships across all neighborhoods in the district in an effort to drive deeper dialogues aimed at addressing the increase in hate crimes in our community.
  • Trans lives matter. Strengthen organizations that provide mutual support for trans women with programs focused on building more safe spaces in communities of color, evening escorts in the community, and specialized support toward navigating city services.