Brandon's Agenda:

Building a City Where Arts and Culture Can Thrive

We must create a more equitable and diverse arts and culture industry. Brandon will work to rebuild New York City as a haven for musicians, artists, and creatives by dedicating budget dollars and resources to community arts spaces, independent venues, and everyday people.

  • Prioritize music and the arts. Invest in city-sponsored arts education, programming, and resources. Reallocate funding to support struggling independent artists, cooperatives, and collectives with free and low-cost resources. Create a Committee of Arts and Culture in the City Council.

  • Boost economic sustainability for arts and culture venues. Implement commercial rent stabilization and create land use opportunities. Fight for rent relief for small arts organizations. Ensure a viable long-term vision for New York City’s music and arts ecosystem.

  • Rebuild New York City’s arts and culture industry to be more equitable, diverse, and inclusive. Ensure equal access for people of color and other underrepresented groups in the industry. Fight against discrimination in hiring and pay. Advocate for representation in the arts, not just on stage but also behind the scenes and in leadership.

  • Support music, arts, and nightlife venues in ensuring compliance and safety. Stop bearing down on venues with overzealous law enforcement actions. Replace Multi-Agency Responses to Community Hotspots (MARCH) law enforcement with holistic guidelines. Establish free programs to educate venues on procedures, codes, and standards.

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