Brandon's Agenda:

Justice for Our Animal Friends

Brandon’s governing agenda is based on empathy for all, including our animal friends. As a City Council member, he will stand up to corporations that profit off the abuse and commodification of animals. Locally, across our city, he will fight to reduce and eventually eliminate the unnecessary cruelty we inflict on non-human animals. Together, we can create a New York where human beings and animals safely coexist without exploitation and abuse.

As humans, we tend to prioritize our own welfare as being of the utmost importance, but the universe surely doesn’t rank life this way. We depend on animals for our survival, and as the upsurge in animal adoptions during the pandemic has shown, many of us rely on domesticated animals to provide us with love and companionship. Despite these personal connections so many of us have with animals, collectively we humans have so little concern for their well-being and their right to live safe, happy, healthy lives.

  • Ban the use of horse-drawn carriages: The horse carriage industry is cruel and abusive to animals that don’t belong on our congested streets alongside speeding cars. supports legislation to ban the use of horse-drawn carriages in New York.

  • Fully fund animal rescue organizations: New York needs to fund animal rescue groups, including Trap Neuter Return (TNR) groups, who provide much-needed spay and neutering services, along with finding homes for feral, abandoned, or abused animals.

  • Ban commercial sales of cats, dogs, and rabbits: Thousands of pets are for sale right now in New York pet stores, most of them come from out-of-state breeders and dealers who ship animals from cruel puppy and pet mills. We need to encourage people to adopt from the City shelters, and to give those shelters the resources and support they need to care for these innocent creatures.

  • Prohibit the sale and manufacture of new fur apparel: Millions of fur-bearing animals including coyotes, foxes, and rabbits are tortured and killed then skinned on brutal fur farms, all to produce fur, a luxury product. California passed a statewide ban on the retail sale of fur in 2019 and New York should follow their lead.

  • Require notification by service animals: Brandon supports City Council Bill 524, which requires all public accommodations to post notice stating service animals are allowed in public institutions.

  • Accommodate pets of homeless individuals and families: One reason many homeless people are not in shelters is because they would be forced to abandon their pets. The Department of Homeless Services (DHS) and the Department of Social Services (DSS) should have pet care arrangements in place, and provide pet-friendly accommodation for homeless individuals with pet companions

  • Teach humane education in city schools. State law requires that public schools teach humane curriculum to students, but how and how much is extremely vague. The city should clarify this to make sure that our children understand it is never too early to learn kindness towards others, whether to animals or people.

  • Ban traveling rodeos from performing in New York: Rodeo events such as calf-roping, steer wrestling and bull-riding are known to cause injury and suffering to both young and adult animals. These are sick practices and the City Council should prohibit the torture of these animals for entertainment.

  • Cease the slaughter of animals in live animal markets in New York: There are 80+ slaughterhouses and live animal markets in New York City. As we’ve learned from the origins of the Coronavirus at an animal market abroad, these slaughter markets are unsanitary and dangerous to humans as well as animals. Brandon supports State Senate Bill 8291 which places a moratorium on the operation of live markets in New York State and establishes a task force to examine the public health risks and animal welfare concerns they present.

  • Healthy food for our Youth: In 2019 New York banned processed meats from our schools. Brandon supports building on this initiative by expanding access to plant-based foods in city schools.