Brandon West’s Platform

Together, we can create a district and City defined by economic security, justice, and equality across race, gender, sexuality, and ability.

Civil Rights and Racial Justice

The struggle for civil rights and racial equality is not just about knocking down centuries old monuments, it is also about calling out and pushing back on the laws and policies of today which continue to harm marginalized communities.

Climate Justice

We are facing a climate emergency, and our district will face the brunt of that reality. If the country won’t lead, we need to lead ourselves.

Criminal Justice Reform and Community Safety

Our criminal justice system at its core is designed to punish, not protect, communities of color. We must change this now.

Economic Inequality

Inequality is getting worse in the City day by day. This district is comprised of many different communities, and we must support bold ideas to address how inequality impacts each neighborhood.


Our students deserve a school system that provides an excellent education for all students, no matter their background. We must work harder to ensure that our school system is integrated and equitable.

Housing and Development

Housing is a human right. Developers and big real estate are a huge and constant threat to that right, and to our community.

Budgeting and Procurement

As someone who worked as a budget analyst at both the Mayor’s Office and City Council, I can confirm that a City’s budget is a reflection of it’s values.


Until we have Universal Healthcare in our State and Country, we must continue to support this basic human right as much as we can.


After being elected as a Shop Steward for my local staff union, the NewsGuild-CWA, I have directly seen the importance of labor unions.

Reproductive Justice

We still live in society where reproductive rights are under attack.

Strengthening our Democracy

For too long monied interests have bent our city to their will and political machines have run rampant, turning it into a transactional oligarchy.


Strong accessible public transit is the great equalizer and the economic engine of our City, but the neglect and lack of investment at the state and local level has put our system in jeopardy.