Photo of Brandon, standing on a Brooklyn sidewalk

Brandon West for City Council, Brooklyn’s 39th District

Brandon West is a community organizer, policy nerd, and advocate. He is fighting to build a district and a city where working people own power, and don’t need connections or money to access our democracy.

Meet Brandon

Brandon on the issues

Together, we can create a district and City defined by economic security, justice, and equality across race, gender, sexuality, and ability.

The Gowanus Rezoning: Why it’s problematic, and how we can fix our broken land use process

The City Council have a major impact on land use. Many working people are ignored; the rich and powerful still get to carve up and decide what kind of city New York will be. The 39th District is not immune to this problem. It has a diverse community who will be impacted by these planning decisions, and whose voices need to be heard.

Civil Rights and Racial Justice

The struggle for civil rights and racial equality is not just about knocking down centuries old monuments, it is also about calling out and pushing back on the laws and policies of today which continue to harm marginalized communities.

Climate Justice

We are facing a climate emergency, and our district will face the brunt of that reality. In 80 years, a significant part of the district could be under water. If the country won’t lead, we need to lead ourselves.

Criminal Justice Reform and Community Safety

Our criminal justice system at its core is designed to punish, not protect, communities of color. We must change this now.

Economic Inequality

Inequality is getting worse in the City day by day. This district is comprised of many different communities, and we must support bold ideas to address how inequality impacts each neighborhood.


Our students deserve a school system that provides an excellent education for all students, no matter their background. We must work harder to ensure that our school system is integrated and equitable.

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Brandon needs grassroots support to win, and is refusing all donations from landlords, developers, and big real estate.

39th City Council District

Our district includes: Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens, Columbia Waterfront, Gowanus, Park Slope, Windsor Terrace, Borough Park, and Kensington.